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5 Artists | Richard Parr

A spotlight on the top 5 next gen artists from those that know. This week’s Top 5 comes from the award winning architect and designer Richard Parr.


“I picked up on Allan after seeing his painting in the RA Summer exhibition. We began a conversation as I have a fascination with trees and landscapes. I love his immaculately painted work and the and the spectral power of his painting.”

“I work from photographic references most often montaging elements and shifting tones so a ‘place’ doesn’t exist but is created. It is not my intention to then simply translate this source in the process of painting, I wish to achieve a further shift, something present which is unknown, a finished painting I don’t fully understand.” Allan Martin

Richard Parr is the Founder of Richard Parr Associates (RPA), a RIBA chartered architecture and design practice established in 1994 and based in London and the Cotswolds.

At the core of Richard Parr Associates lies a profound and empathetic understanding of the ways that people want to live their lives. The practice sees its role as a supportive one, developing and enhancing the lives of clients through a complete design service focused on creating unique homes.